The purpose of is to open the door to all who enter into the very special history and heritage that belongs to this magnificent region. Whether you are a first time visitor or call these mountains your home, you will be amazed by the stories that unfold in this saga of local lore.
          The Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania is a region that sparkles with an abundance of God given beauty…..glorious evergreen mountains, majestic waterfalls, cool streams, friendly wildlife and so much more, yet it is the history and stories of the people who lived, died, trod and forged a culture that truly reflect the strength of the land and its people.
         So open the door of your journey into the heartbeat of our Pocono Mountains, its richness, its diversity and the stories that brought it to life. And you will see why we take such pride in the heritage of this great and grand region of America.

This website is sponsored by Mountain View Homes, Mountain View Realty and The Telstar Network of Greentown, Pennsylvania. It was written for the many families that love history and live throughout the Pocono Northeast. We are all thankful for the historical and cultural heritage of our region.

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